The Teardrop, The Attached, And Other Camping Alternatives


I’ve often consider camping, but I’m too chicken to tow even the smallest trailer, and I wouldn’t feel safe in a flimsy little tent in the wilderness by myself (well, I’d have Buddy, but he’s more chicken than I am).

I even considered sleeping in my SUV, and getting a wee pop-up tent for shade and lounging around.  Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, if their was such a thing as a tent-type structure for an SUV?  I hopped on google, and within two seconds found this:



How cool is that!  These babies attach to the back of your SUV or minivan and set up in minutes.  You have a 6 x 6 sheltered space, in addition to the back of your vehicle.  In addition, you can detach it from your vehicle if you want to drive somewhere, and it becomes a stand-alone tent.   This particular tent retailed on-line for around $395, but I’ve seen some cheaper.

Seeing as how these tents require the hatch to stay open, it’s not as secure as I hoped. However, if I got me one of these….

Roof-top SUV Tents.

The roof tent: opened easily by a crank and can sleep three.

Nice and streamlined for driving.

I’d be alot safer.  However, Buddy the dog would not be happy about the ladder.  The cost of the rooftop tent is a little steep too–anywhere from $2000 and up–so it’s a much bigger investment than the attached tent.  Sigh.  I’d get the security I’m looking for, but that ladder is a no-go for my mutt.

That leaves me with the little guy.

The “Little Guy”

No really–it’s “The Little Guy” teardrop trailer.  It can be pulled by a motorcycle or a subcompact, weighing in at 490 lbs.  It’s got enough interior space for storage and sleeping.

Interior view of storage area.

Interior view of sleeping area.

Price-wise, you’re talking  $5,000 to start, before all the bells and whistles.  Cute little thing, but after all is said and done the cost is probably prohibitive.  I think I’d rather teach Buddy how to climb a ladder (or get a hoist).

So, I think I’ll consider the attachable tent.  If I want the roof option, they do come in the nylon version.  Take a gander at these:

I wouldn’t want to be the one sleeping at the end.


Don’t expect to drive anywhere soon.


If I got lost in the desert, I’d want one of these.


Ok. I want a hotel room.





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