Sharks for the Rich

Dang.  I missed the month of August nursing fractured bones, and now it’s almost fall (although you wouldn’t know it by the weather–still warm, thank goodness.)

August is also the month for shark week.  Curbed paid homage to shark week by posting 5 houses for sale on shark-infested waters, three of which are below.

First up is this sweet little number located in Truro, Massachusetts, near Cape Cod.  It was the site of a shark attack, presumably a Great White.  This 2.5 million dollar home is preserved under the auspices of the Cape Cod National Seashore.


Watch the sharks frolic in the ocean at this beautiful Cape Code home…oh wait–do sharks frolic?

Next is this beautiful beachfront cottage in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  As recently as June of this year, a surfer was bitten on the foot.  This quaint abode is listed at $790,000. Shark bites are gratis.


Free shark bites plus a gorgeous view.

Finally, a home on a different scale–by about several hundred square feet.  This palatial seaside home is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and is listed at 4.6 million. According to Curbed, “the beach was the scene of a literal ‘feeding frenzy,’ where Blacktip sharks nibbled on at least four swimmers in a single incident.”  Oh–it also has a shark tank-sized swimming pool. In case you want to catch any.


A palace with its own shark tank–who could ask for more?

Something about insanely rich people living near sharks puts a wicked smile on my face.


3 thoughts on “Sharks for the Rich

  1. Dear Karen, I know how much pain you have had healing. My heart goes out to you as I know you love the beach. These houses… Wow but I loved hearing the shark stories. I don’t think I get the shark week channels. But to be honest if someone gave me one of those houses I’d take it. Just maybe not swim in the water exactly where the incident happened. I know they come closer to shore during the feeding seasons of certain fish. My cousins just came back from swimming with the sharks no cages. Big biting type sharks. But they said it was amazing! What a way to celebrate 59th birthdays. Plus another son and mom trip to swim again in the Bahamas with the sharks. Wow is all I can say. As a child in Florida we were in water and saw a shark attack. All these courageous men jumped in the water to try and save a young girl by bobbing it on the nose and pulling this big shark. We will never forget this. A child lost an arm and part of her leg but survived thanks to all the amazing Samaritans. We were not even to our waist in water and she had Floaties on. We did learn that her bathing suit was much like a fish colour the shark eats. I have gone in the water but we really respect the ocean. I do think the killing of these creatures to feed the appetites of many people it’s so sad. To see the Chinese boats catch the shark cut the fin and throw it over to drown. This was suppose to just be a delicacy and now it’s a regular dish killing and changing our oceans at alarming rate. My family in China on their trip could not believe what they saw in the fish markets and the boats coming in with thousand of pounds of shark fins, it’s very sad. Those floating hooks in south Africa where they put bait on it and hook hundreds of sharks a day… It’s so sad tgey have no chance as tgey drown and sold into the black markets. Wow this blog brought up so many thoughts for me! What a good post!

  2. Wow–you’ve got alot of shark experiences under your belt. That must have been horrible to witness that shark attack in Florida. I can’t imagine having to worry about a shark attacking me in shallow water–all you have to worry about in the Great Lakes is tripping on rocks. 🙂

  3. No shark infested waters for me, whether I swim in them or simply look on in bliss. The nightmares aren’t worth it, although the houses sure are easy to imagine living in, especially the palatial one.

    I had no idea you’ve been laid up, Karen. Sorry to hear it. Sounds like you’re back to normal, or almost I hope?

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