Facekini: Or The Anti-Peasant Mask

Women in China sporting the facekini

And I thought the burkini was weird.

Some of you may have seen it on NBC news recently:  In China, the facekini is the latest thing women wear to keep those rays away from the face.  (Guess they don’t have much faith in sunblock.)

The concern isn’t really about skin cancer, or even premature ageing, but preventing a “peasant” appearance, which is apparently worse. They even have facekinis for children.


Mother and child wearing facekinis

In North America, suntans were historically viewed in the same fashion as the Chinese, until Coco Chanel returned from the French Riviera sporting one.  Suddenly, suntans–which had been identified with poverty and slave labour–became synonymous with affluence and disposable wealth.  Everybody wanted one, and the suntanning industry was born.


Looking rich by changing colour.

I must admit:  I love the sun.  I love the feel of it on my skin, and I like that golden glow. You couldn’t pay me to wear a facekini; give me a “peasant face” any day–as long as I don’t look like this:


Or like this:


I’m happy.


7 thoughts on “Facekini: Or The Anti-Peasant Mask

  1. Wow! I’m not sure I could wear one of those…..but I don’t think I could be that tan lady either. If I had to choose at least you can take the facekini!

  2. Why not simply sit UNDER an umbrella. In the HEAT, who would want to wear this CRAP (sorry but I mean crap). The leather lady doesn’t get any sympathy from me. I knew a lady who ran my favourite dress shop YEARS ago. She looked like your picture—beef jerky. Ouch.

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