Not Your Average Swimming Pool

I’ve always dreamed of having an indoor/outdoor swimming pool with a retractable glass roof, surrounded by a tropical landscape.  No matter how cold and wintery it was outside, I could retreat to my private oasis and make like I was at the beach.  It wouldn’t have to be a large pool; just big enough for a few people to jump in, paddle around, and relax on floating loungers.

You’ve probably guessed where this is heading.

Too stonehenge for my taste.

There isn’t any sand and flora, but this pool, designed by Desert Tropics, looks like it was naturally carved into the landscape. Too barren for my taste though. The pool below is more like it.  Designed by Jill Morris, this baby is located, of all places, smack dab in the middle of New Jersey.

Lush greenery simulates the tropics in New Jersey.

The following pool, designed by Lucas Lagoons, combines all the elements of the previous two.  I bet it cost as much as my house.  Maybe I could sell my house, use the proceeds to build this, and then build a little hut inside.  And get a groundskeeper.

You need a groundskeeper for this one.

If you’re not big on beaches and swimming, this faux pool may be your style. Designed by Leonardo Elrich and located in the 21st Century Museum for Art, Kanazawa, Japan, this work of art is called the Simlacrum. Visitors enter an aquamarine-painted space and stand beneath 10 cm of water suspended by glass. The effect is eerily beautiful.

If you travel frequently and are tired of the traditional hotel pool, try the Holiday Inn the next time you’re in Shanghai.  Swimmers can paddle around while watching traffic 24 storeys below. Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

Good thing I close my eyes underwater.

Apartment dwellers with disposable income don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Introducing: the pool balcony.

The Aqua Grande in India. Don’t throw stones.

Construction is underway in India to build a skyscraper with pool balconies, called the Aqua Grande.  Can you imagine if just one of those panes of glass break? Maybe I’ve been playing Angry Birds too much.


4 thoughts on “Not Your Average Swimming Pool

  1. hi agian. I’ve been gone for awhile, out running around here and there, but nothing like the here and there of your blog, just So California. Regarding the balcony pool, could not do. Way too scary for mild-mannered me. Great to thumb through your amazing blog posts. It’s like a mini-vacatoin at my desk. Enjoy always, T

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