And More Signs.

Just in case you forgot to pack it:

I’ve been looking for a store that sold bling bling.

To those who refuse to obey the signs:

I think this sign may be photoshopped, but it’s priceless anyway.

When signs stop being helpful:

Is there ever too much information?

Speaking of too much information, my favourite sign has to be the Business District signage for Constance Bay, Ottawa, Canada.

Canadian humour and thrift makes for baudy signage that is still standing.

This sign surprised even me  — we Canadians are a pretty laid-back bunch, but we ARE discreet.

Seems that when this sign was first erected (no pun intended), there was a blank space that was just begging to be filled in.  And so it was, by some enterprising artists and a ladder.  The great thing about this sign is that it’s STILL up, reflecting the Canadian values of thrift (after all, the sign WAS new), and helpfulness (no big red slash activities here.)  Here’s the original sign:

The “embellished” sign is better.


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