Top Five Injuries of Summer and Some Wedding Photos. Yes, They Do Go Together.

1.  Fractures/Breaks from falls

2.  Burns (fireworks, bbq, etc.)

3.  Accidents (motorcycle, bike)

How do I know this? Why,  I asked the ex-ray tech while I was in the emergency department this weekend.

I was at a wedding and stepped outside when I failed to notice a wee step that lead to the parking lot. Long story short, I fractured my left foot and right knee.  Yeah.  Just couldn’t get my injuries on the same leg. Nooooo. This was very amusing to the attending physician.

Screwed up Foot———–>Normal Foot

Normal knee —————>Screwed up Knee

It’s kind of fun watching yourself turn colours.  Kind of like autumn, only on your skin.  Speaking of colours, here are photos I took of the wedding flowers:

The bridal bouquet and flower girl buckets.

The bouquets were brought in the evening before, and left on the counter of the church kitchen. They were placed in a line for this photo.

My favourite–I was taking pictures of the flowers on the table when the bride turned. I love the way the camera caught the gentle slope of her arms and the gauziness of her dress.


6 thoughts on “Top Five Injuries of Summer and Some Wedding Photos. Yes, They Do Go Together.

  1. Love the photos Karen. I’m so sorry you are so injured. Those are some very painful owies. I feel so bad for you. Keep icing! Sending you wishes for a kick recovery. I hope they gave you some anti inflammatories. If you need help let me know. We can weeble wobble together:)

  2. Ouch. Sorry to hear about ending up the night in Emergency! I once banged my knee on the coffee table and wasted hours in Emerg and all that came of it was a HUGE, painful knee with advice to put ice on it and nothing else for the pain. Hope pain’s almost gone today..

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