Weird Beach Gear

As a die-hard beachcomber, I regularly search the net for cool beach gear. Here are a few items that gave me a chuckle:

Waterproof Case for iPad.


Leave the tablet at home.

Last summer, I loaded up my brand new iPad with books and headed off to the beach.  I didn’t read a thing because I couldn’t see a thing–the iPad is useless in direct sunlight.  I don’t think it needs a floatation device–just a better screen.

The Burkini


feel the freedom in head to toe swim wear.

The ‘burkini’ is the brainchild of Australian Aheda Zanetti, who saw the need for athletic garments geared to muslim women.  Please forgive me, Aheda,  if I have trouble reconciling “freedom, flexibility, and confidence” with obligatory head-to-toe body coverage.  At the beach no less.

Hand-Trux Shovel


When a shovel and pail won’t do….

Ok, I get it.  Little kids would find the hand-trux shovel cool.  But who wants to lug any more beach gear than than have to–especially a beach toy that could take little Billy’s eye out?

Inflatable Floating Cooler


For all you lazy bones who don’t want to get out of the water to get your brew, I give you the inflatable floating cooler.  Next up:  the inflatable floating toilet.

Ergonomic Beach Lounger


Finally!  One of my big complaints about loungers is that they weren’t constructed for laying on your stomach, and it was difficult to read.  Now you can easily read on your belly while you wait for that massage from Jose the pool man.


6 thoughts on “Weird Beach Gear

  1. I love the iPad waterproof gadget. It would be helpful for a clumsy girl like me knocking over a water bottle. I have heard so many people with kids had their phone or iPad knock into the pool and it died. This is a A + gadget in my eyes. I also like the swim wear. Very cool!

  2. I see a few Muslim women in cover at our village beach (here in Turkey). Most of their compatriots are in western styles, some of the bikinis are why-do-they-bother tiny. The covered women don’t seem to have figures that would be irresistibly alluring to men. I can’t see the point, unless it’s some sort of holier-than-you statement.

    • So good to hear that there are muslim women in Turkey who allow themselves to wear beach-appropriate clothing! As for the women who still suit up in the traditional wear, all I can say is AREN’T YOU HOT???


      Thanks for stopping by.

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