Weirdly Wonderful

1.  Maho Beach, The Caribbean

How low can you go….

With the close proximity of the Princess Juliana International Airport, beachgoers get a bit more than they bargained for–like a boeing jet almost landing on their head.



2.  Cow Beach, Goa, India

Cows like beaches too.

Betcha you can bring your camel here too (take THAT, Morocco.)


3.  Another Place, Liverpool, England.

This has to creep out passing ships and pleasure craft:

Anthony Gormley sculptures standing sentinel on the English landscape.

Anthony Gormley’s self-sculptures were originally planned to be exhibited from July 2005 to November 2006, but were such a hit that they’re now a permanent fixture on Crosby Beach in Merseyside, England.

Just a little creepy.


4.  Hand of Harmony, Homigot, South Korea

The Hand of Harmony was built in 1999 as a symbol of South Korea’s continuing pursuit of  a high quality of life.  The left hand is on land (pictured below) while the right hand is in water.


A case of when the right DOES know what the left hand is doing.


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