Oh Canada

In honour of Canada Day (I’m a day late but hey, I was celebrating), I offer for your viewing pleasure a brief look at Canadian icons:


Our industrious little mascot.

The Unites States has the soaring eagle, England has the ferocious lion, India has the bengal tiger; Canada has the industrious little beaver, known for his tenacity, hard work and cute teeth.


Mounties and Timmies; we can’t do without either.

The uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka the Mounties) is one of the most recognizable iconic images in Canada. And the sexiest in the world, if you ask me.  The only other image that could possibly compete for top status as indisputably Canadian is Tim Horton’s (‘Timmies’ to the locals).


Our funny guy, Rick Mercer

Canadians are very proud of being Canadian (but we don’t brag; that would be impolite).  One of our favourite Canadians is comedian Rick Mercer, who, like a typical Canadian, finds humour in our Canadian-ness.

A lot of celebs who have gained prominence in the U.S. are actually Canadian, but no-one realizes (because we don’t brag–oh, I already said that).  Michael J. Fox, Captain Kirk, John Candy, Avril Lavigne and Justin Beiber are all home-grown Canucks, just to name of few.  (We don’t like to admit to Beiber though).

And of course, there’s hockey, our national sport.  Did you know that 53% of hockey players in the national league, which draws from the world’s pool of hockey players, are Canadian?  Canada also holds the record  for the most Stanley Cup wins (Montreal Canadiens with 24, followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs with 15).


Hockey players in 1881, at McGill University, Canada.

I’d like to conclude this post by wishing my Canadian followers a Happy Canada Day.  For those who think they know about Canada (or wish to), here’s a fun quiz:

How Well Do You Speak Canadian?

1. What is a toque?

a) a little furry dog

b) a city in China

c) a european car

d) a winter hat

2.  What is a toonie?

a) I haven’t the foggiest.

b) a song for pre-teens

c) a small town

d) a two-dollar coin

3.  What is a two-four?

a) a way to announce a sale

b) I have no idea

c) a term for wood

d) a 24-case of beer.

4.  What would you do if you were a hoser?

a) put out fires

b) farm organically

c) be an avid gardener

d) drink beer and watch hockey

5.  What is a double-double?

a) a tennis term.

b) an overtime hockey game

c) coffee with two creams and two sugars

d) double rum and coke.

Post me your answers and I’ll let you know well you did. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Heh, heh, heh.
    1) a winter hat, 2) a two-dollar coin, 3) a 24-case of beer, 4) drink beer and watch hockey, and 5) 2 creams and 2 sugars. My eyes must be getting bad, I couldn’t actually make out the last word in question 4.

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