And The Award Goes To…

Many thanks to Magically Mad over at Not Quite Lost for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!  Thanks baby!

Award rules require that you acknowledge and link back to your nominator, and answer the following questions:

1.  Favourite Philosopher:  Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Paine.

2.  Favourite Bad Habit:  I don’t know you well enough. 😉

3.  Age:  let’s just say that I’m too young for a senior citizen’s discount but old enough to look forward to getting one.

4. Favourite Time of Day:  Miller Time.

5.  Favourite Time of Year:  Winter (kidding).  SUMMER!!!!

6.  Favourite Dead Celebrity:  Elvis Presley.  Oh wait–he’s not dead.  (kidding).  John Lennon.

7.  Favourite Christmas Movie:  Black Christmas.  (seriously).

8.  Favourite Vacation:  the one I haven’t taken yet:  trip to Tahiti.

9.  Favourite Physical Activity:  [censored]

10.  Favourite Thing:  my bed and my pets.  Or my pets in my bed.

So who makes me laugh….hmmm…..I’d have to nominate:

Jack Scott at Perking the Pansies,  Tess at The Cookie Crumbles,  Angasa at Cycling Trivialities, and Trich at Tricia Linden.

Now off to the beach to sun my not-yet-senior buns while reading Thoreau and Paine and engaging in my favourite not-fit-for-print activity. 🙂

4 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…

  1. LOVE you answers. You surprised me, but then again, that shouldn’t surprise me as I already find you to be such an interesting person. Thanks for the nomination. I humbly accept. what more can I say?
    Blessings to you and enjoy always, T

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