Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs… this don’t do that, can’t you read the signs…

Remember that song?  Seems that beaches are not immune from the ubiquitous sign.

Thanks to Oddee for these great photos of the strangest beach signs ever.


Think we could figure out the weather without the stone, but thanks.


That’s Amore!

Virginia Beach.

Does ‘Oh damn the sand is hot!” count?


No boners allowed.  (at least not for Darik.)

Cancun, Mexico.

Maybe they added the text just in case you thought the sign meant no tops allowed.

Agidir, Morocco.

So at this beach you can’t: start a fire, kick a ball, bring dogs, smoke, pitch a tent, ride your camel, sing, ride a dune buggy, or swim in deep water (I’m guessing on the last one.)  Glad they cleared that up.


Not sure where this sign is from, but the little man with his willy out sure looks upset.


Now that’s just rude.


Are there any other options?


12 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs…

  1. Best post ever. Your comments are hilarious! I’m staying away from Morocco… If I can’t ride my camel, there’s no point in going to the beach.

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