Beat the Heat: Ice Hotels

Hot, eh? Record-breaking heat waves in Canada, the U.S. and England, and points beyond.

I’ve mostly stayed indoors these past few days because the heat mixed with near 100% humidity is downright wilting.  Buddy the dog is miffed because he hasn’t had his walk, although he did get to enjoy one romp at the beach before the stifling heat made even that activity too much.

As you probably know, I hate the cold; however, when it’s this hot it’s fun to fantasize about visiting one of the many ice hotels in Finland and Iceland.


Snow Hotel in Kemi, Finland


Don’t forget your flannel jammies.


I definitely would be wearing my snow pants.


The Igloo Hotel, Finland


Is it a long walk back to the room, honey?


6 thoughts on “Beat the Heat: Ice Hotels

  1. You are such a tease! Didn’t our mothers always say, “Watch what you wish for?” Didn’t we get what we were whining about last winter—not a real winter, I know, but we were whining for summer anyway. Well, here it is. DOUBLE. I haven’t been out much but today was a doozy. At least the humidity hasn’t arrived.

    • I’ll give you our humidity, how’s that? I can take heat but humidity makes me nuts.

      Aw well. If it weren’t for the weather, I’d have to find something important to complain about. 😉

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