Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

For decades, citizens living near MacKerricher State Park found a solution for garbage disposal:  they threw it off the cliff.  All manner of garbage was pitched, including appliances and the occasional automobile.   By  1967, the local government put a stop to this indiscriminate dumping and took measures over the next few years to clean it up.

Then mother nature stepped in, her pounding waves creating a beach not of sand, but of beach glass.

Not a place to be barefoot.

Tourists are “not allowed” to take the glass, although many do.  Apparently, the journey down to the beach is a little treacherous, so wear good shoes.

Tourists can’t resist scouring the shores looking for beautiful pieces.

Gems created from our recklessness.

Photos courtesy of Kuriositas.


14 thoughts on “Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

  1. Wow so much sea glass! So beautiful! I actually make jewelry out of sea glass! This is my first post about my business. I would love feedback if you have time! Beautiful piece. I like the inspiration for it as well! I make jewelry too! Check out my first blog post if you’d like

    • HI Lynnette–thanks for popping by 🙂

      Pretty cool beach, eh? I love beach glass too, although there isn’t much around where I live. Your site/jewellery is lovely!

  2. Golly, it sure is pretty. I had a deja vu moment reading this post. I do believe I’ve heard of it but whether I have or not, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing, Karen.

  3. This beach is actually located at ft bragg California.
    I live in ft bragg (fayetteville) north carolina. It is 2 hours to the nearest coastline. Visitors would be highly disappointed to visit this ft bragg!!

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