Gorges de Verdon, France

Located in Southeastern France and near the French Riveria, the Verdon Gorge (fr: Gorges de Verdon) is a spectacular river canyon, approximately 75 meters long and up to 700 meters deep.  The gorge was was formed by the Verdon River, and ends with the man-made lake,  Lac de Sainte-Croix.


The Verdon Gorge is a very popular place to visit for tourists, who can rent bikes, kayaks, and enjoy car tours.  The contrast of the limestone rock and turquoise waters make it picture perfect any time of the year.

Boating in the Lac.


And oh yes.  Those limestone cliffs are especially attracting for mountain-scaling.  Think I’d stick to sunning and boating.


Scaling the cliffs of the Verdon Gorge.





6 thoughts on “Gorges de Verdon, France

  1. Went to the top of this gorge back in the 90s, truly spectacular, but also truly terrifying! The drive up in a right hand drive car scared the crap out of me…I was in the passenger seat!

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