Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole

Looking like a giant eye in the ocean, the Great Blue Hole, about 50 miles off the coast of Belize, is a massive sink hole located in the Lighthouse Reef System.  It’s 984 feet across and 394 feet deep.  It’s considered one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. It was first a limestone cave system during the last ice age when the sea levels were lower.  When the water rose, the roof collapsed and the cave system filled up to be the beautiful underwater kingdom it is today.

Cross-sectional view of the great blue hole.

One of the best scuba-diving locations in the world


If I scuba-dived, it would definitely be on my bucket list.


18 thoughts on “Great Blue Hole, Belize

  1. I LOVE your posts more and more each one is posted. This one is especially interesting. I’m sure it’s didn’t escape your attention the second photo titled ‘The Blue Hole” looks like a human figure without it’s head. Is there a story about that?

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  3. I just got back from diving the Blue Hole – out of Turneffe Island Resort – an interesting place to dive, but I would suggest that once you have been in the hole and have that marked off your list, you are not likely to want to go back. The surrounding coral and sea life is much more interesting.

  4. i painted the entire lighthouse reef atoll on the floor of a lodge at long caye! it’s great to see images of an area that i studied for months in detail! fishermen and dive masters helped with tiny details. whew, what a task!

  5. Hi, I loved your post. I have become besotted with the Great Blue Hole ever since I saw it in a travel mag a month ago. My write-up on it has been majorly inspired from this post. Oh, before you sue me, I’ve given you due credit! 😉

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