Mystical Fantasy Land

I came upon photos of Bruno Torfs Art and Sculpture Park quite by accident while I was looking for flower photos on line.  Located in remnants of a rainforest in Marysville, Australia, the park showcases over 100 of Torfs’ terra cotta sculptures amongst the native ferns and lush green lands of the rainforest.

A terrible fire in February, 2009, devastated the area.  Torfs and the rest of the town were displaced for two months while the police conducted their investigations and located the dead and missing.  It took two years to clear the area of debris and rebuild.  His new gallery opened November, 2011.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  I certainly did.

Garden Before the Fire






After The Fire


The Garden Now


4 thoughts on “Mystical Fantasy Land

    • Apparently they’re made of terra cotta. Maybe since they’re cooked in a kiln, the fire didn’t do them in. *shrugs*

      By the way, Tess–for some reason all of your recent comments were in my spam folder. WordPress is acting weird again.

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