Komoka Provincial Park, Canada

Komoka Provinical Park is located in London, Ontario, Canada, just a short drive away from my sister’s house.  My sister is a fitness nut, and goes hiking there alot.  A few years ago, Buddy the dog and I decided to go hiking with her.   On an empty stomach.  With no water.  In really hot weather.

We were three-quarters into the hike when I felt dizzy.  I needed water so badly I wanted to lie in wait and mug the next hiker with a water bottle.  Somehow I made it back in an upright position.  My sister didn’t even break a sweat.

You’d think I would have learned.

This past Sunday I was back, only this time with a heavy, cumbersome camera bag that got exponentially heavier with every step.  I did, however, bring water and ate a sandwich before I left.

My sister acted as guide and sherpa, carrying my camera bag for at least a third of the journey.  Helen, my photographer friend, stoically refused to let anyone carry her camera bag until I forced her to relinquish it on the way back. ( I traded her the bag for Buddy-on-a-leash).  Amazing that we/I managed to snap some decent shots.  And oh–I fell over a rock while taking a picture.  Of rocks.  And to think I wanted to work for National Geographic.


A level path in the park where we took a much needed break.


The infamous rock path where I fell.


View of the Thames River. Now we had to hike all the way back. Did I say it was hot as hell?


Helen is still wearing her camera bag! (That’s my sister, seated.)


4 thoughts on “Komoka Provincial Park, Canada

  1. Love it Karen! I’m so glad to see the other faces in your pictures! If you ever go on a nature trail that’s not steep I’m in! Great day it looks like! I’m so happy you had fun with good friends and taking your pups is nice too!

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