Angels Landing, Zion National Park, United States

Located near Utah, the Zion National Park provides some beautiful scenery and hiking trails.  If gentle meandering up and down grassy slopes isn’t your style,  maybe you’d like to visit the Hua Hiking Trail in China (reviewed earlier) or Angels Landing.

View from the summit of Angels Landing

Among other things, the trail is known for the 21 “switchbacks” called Walter’s Wiggles, named after the park’s first superintendent, who built them himself.  Switchbacks are trails which zigzag rather than go straight in order to prevent surface erosion.  Photo sources can be accessed by clicking.

Walter’s Wiggles

Looking Down at Walter’s Wiggles

I get dizzy just looking at it.

Can you say paralyzed with fear?

Near The Top

Just when I decided that this hike was only for the vey fit (and very brave), I came across this photo:

Pregnant lady at the top of Angels Landing

Now I’m really embarrassed.


6 thoughts on “Angels Landing, Zion National Park, United States

  1. What a beautiful place! Last year I went on a five day hike in perhaps the most beautiful place in Washington State, the Enchantments. The upper lakes are really amazing, though of a different nature than Zion. Thanks for the post. John

  2. Haha! I am the pregnant lady in the picture – my son is now 5 years old! I had no idea this was posted (or that my picture was anywhere online) until someone said they came across it at a family party tonight. Yes, Angel’s Landing is a pretty intense climb…but if a pregnant lady can do it, then so can you 🙂

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