Best Bungee Jumps

Thanks to Urban Titan for the research and information, which I’m nicking for your viewing pleasure.

1. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe/Zambia.


Feel like plunging 500 feet above the Zambezi River? Travel to Zimbabwe or Zambia, and take the leap.  Gorgeous scenery!

2.  Royal George Suspension Bridge, Colorado.


You only get one chance a year, but if your thing is a flying leap off the highest suspension bridge in the world (at 1053 feet) the Royal George is for you.

3.  Volcano Bungee, Chile


Find the other bungee jumps too tame?  How about a jump from a helicopter over molten lava.  You’ll dangle from a 350-foot cord, about 700 feet from the fiery inferno below.  If that’s not exciting enough, the helicopter transports you back, dangling from your bungee cord, for 35 miles back to the base.

3.  Colorado River Bridge, Costa Rica


Not terribly high at 265 feet, but the trip down from the Colorado River Bridge in Costa Rica offers breathtaking scenery (that is, if you keep your eyes open long enough.)


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