Photography Lessons

Yup, I’m gettin’ me some.

Now I’ll be able to use my hifalutin’ camera like it’s meant to be used.  I have a Canon 40d, and these lenses:  a 24-105mm 1:4L IS; a 70-300mm EF IS. I’m saving to add a 100mm L IS.

And here’s some photos of my favourite things:

Beach Rocks



Clancy watching the drapery sway in the breeze


Yeah, I love my babies.


4 thoughts on “Photography Lessons

  1. That is a great shot of the beach. But your photos of your babies are soo good! It makes me feel like I want to give them a pet and a cuddle:) I miss having a puppy so I just snuggle and play fetch with everyone else’s. I remember how buddy was just a little love when he was new. I’m sure he has just gotten more affection it! He loved being pet. I could be your dog sitter any time!

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