The Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Canada


The Hopewell Rocks at Various Points in Low and High Tide.

Located in New Brunswick, Canada, The Hopewell Rocks formed over a million years ago when mountain ranges older than the Rockies began to erode.

The water table rises to a height of 50 feet, every 6 hours, creating the highest tide in the world.




The park is open from mid-May to mid-October.  Park passes are good for 48 hours, allowing enough time to experience both the low and high tide.

There’s something about walking on the ocean floor one day and seeing it fill up the next that is just thrilling to me.  I hope to get there one day, to experience it for myself.

Maybe this summer. 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Canada

  1. Ok I went to the bay of Funday it was such a fabulous experience! If I will the lottery it’s on my list of I need to go back! I will bring you along Karen if I win the big one! I’d love to watch you kayak. I have fond memories of learning how to do this as a child into adulthood from my uncle a master kyacker. This would be an amazing place to do it. One day I pray I can do this again. I figure if my uncle had polio and kayaked around the world maybe I could find away to adapt it. I didn’t know you loved kayaking ? I’d love to hear about it:)

  2. Oh I forgot to say this was listed as one of the great places to visit and was in the running for another must see in the world in a contest. I believe it came in fifth( don’t quote me). Also the drive there is amazing. I picked wild berries along the road they were so good! Just watch for the bears! There are signs posted everwhere I saw 2 black bears and a brown bear with her cubs! A family of deer many times and 2 moose! All around dusk or morning light. I hope you get there this summer! It will make you swell with its beauty. The sandy water in parts feels so great on your toes! I could have spent longer there. I do like how you can also find a little privacy from others to just relax,pack a picnic and enjoy. Don’t forget your camera!

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