British Columbia

So maybe I can’t afford to spend my winters in a tropical paradise.  Where in my native Canada can I go to beat the winter blues?

Vancouver Island is postcard picture-perfect, and based on what I’ve read, it’s the warmest spot in Canada.  Because of its precise location,

Victoria claims the mildest climate in Canada because the Pacific ocean in this region maintains a constant temperature of 50 degrees F. Prevailing westerly ocean winds provide a buffer to warmer summer and cooler winter temperatures. Regional mountains also provide weather protection, and as a result, Victoria has the lowest rainfall on the West Coast and consequently enjoys the most days of sunshine. Victoria is the only city in Canada that has recorded winters when the thermometer did not drop below freezing. Even in January the temperate climate allows outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing and golfing in the coastal areas.

Golfing and sailing in January? How cool is that?  I don’t do either, mind you, but I could learn.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia

British Columbia is also the home of many Canadian artists and artisans.

Artist Kevin Stone of Metal Animation specializes in large-scale, one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional, stainless steel sculptures

There wouldn’t be a limit to what you could do in British Columbia. Going for a drive would be a vacation in itself.

Yes, I think I could adjust to British Columbia just fine.

Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia


4 thoughts on “British Columbia

  1. WOW, the pictures are out of this world. The closest I’ve been to Victoria is Vancover and it’s not so bad there either. Breathing the clean air is like getting hooked on a drug. The mountains made me feel like a tiny ant. My daughter was sixteen when we went out there for my sister’s wedding. She wanted to move there. Can you imagine a 16-yr-old ditching all her friends and wanting to move?

    Another fabulous post. Thanks so much.

    • Wow–BC mus have made an impression on her!

      I had friends who had relocated from Ontario to Alberta, and in the early 90’s I flew out to visit them. We took a day trip out to Jasper National Park. It was amazing. I should scan those photos and upload them sometime.

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