Soneva Kiri Resort and Spa

Located in Thailand on the island of Kood, guests of the Soneva Kiri Resort and Spa arrive at the Bankok Airport and are flown to the Soneva Kiri airfield in the resort’s private plane. If remote is what you like, you’ll get it at the Soneva.

What attracted me to this resort wasn’t the spectacular location or accommodation, but–get this–Tree Pod dining.


Tree-Pod dining in Thailand's Soneva Kiri Resort and Spa

Here’s a description of this innovative dining experience:

Tree Pod Dining could be the most innovative dining aloft since in-flight silver service was introduced at 35,000 feet, half a century ago. Although in this case the dining is just 16 feet, or around 5 metres, off terra firma. The Dining Pod, engineered with a rigid frame swathed in woven rattan, is not unlike a cocoon with an open panorama window. Up to four diners board the pod, and are then elevated to the lofty height by a system of safety winches. Food courses arrive courtesy of a flying waiter – harnessed to a zip line – as do beverage replenishments. However, unlike the other form of first class dining aloft, this experience enjoys the ultimate exclusivity, and very little turbulence.

The Flying Waiter: deserving of a big tip.

Now that’s service worth tipping for.

If playing Tarzan in the trees isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the rest of the eye candy the resort has to offer.

Watsu Pool

Massage Center

Junior Beach Retreat

Simply gorgeous.  If you’ve got a spare 10 grand and you want to eat in a tree, the Soneva may be your vacation destination. 🙂


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