A Rose by Any Other Name


I started another blog that will contain fiction, and I wanted a different user name.  You might think this would be easy.  Hmm.

The fiction is Brokeback Mountain-esque, so I didn’t want “tahitian goddess” as the author name for obvious reasons.  What I discovered is that WordPress doesn’t allow you to have two blogs with two different user names, so that’s why my user name is now beachcomber.

Anyway, I’ve had this story idea kicking around in my head for years.  A kind of diary of two people in love.  Who happen to be men.  I thought this would be a unique story until Annie Proulx beat me to it, damn her. 🙂  (And you too, Jack, but your story is autobiographical so it doesn’t count.)

Edited to Add:  This blog is on hiatus since I haven’t had time to work on it properly.  Maybe this year….


4 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name

  1. I LIKE it. After the first ‘post’, I forgot it wasn’t about YOU. I kept having to tell myself it was ANOTHER story and not about you. That makes it a good read. I won’t say that I’m easy. I just love a good story. Go to it!

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