Shooting the Finger

Every year for 10 years, I made a 200 kilometre round trip to my oncologist for a cat scan to ensure that the cancer I was diagnosed with in 1984 and again in 1989 didn’t recur.  At the 10-year mark, my doctor sad it was safe to declare me “cured” (I still put that word in quotes; it’s the virtual equivalent of knocking on wood).  To commemorate this landmark, I had a ring made–a beautiful gold band hand engraved with the tree of life motif.  I wore it on my left-hand ring finger.  And why not?  If that’s the “important” finger, than wearing a ring on that finger that symbolized surviving cancer was pretty darn appropriate.  (Besides, rings on my right hand have always bugged me.)

Anyway, I got grief for it from various women.  “Why are you wearing it on THAT hand?” some would exclaim. “It looks like a wedding ring!” others would cry. It was like I had gain illegal entry into a special club.  I was breaking all the rules.  And I didn’t give a shit.

ImageImagine my amusement and delight when I happened upon this site: These Swedish-made, sterling silver and turquoise bands come with their own serial number and have been purchased by a whole host of single celebs.  Unfortunately, there are only two sizes for men and women; all of which are too big.

Oh well.  I’ve got my beautiful gold band.

Too all the single people in the world:  wear your ring–any ring–proudly.  If anyone gives you grief, just shoot `em the finger.


2 thoughts on “Shooting the Finger

  1. Good for YOU! I have rings I sometimes wear on THAT finger. So what? I never heard of anything so —-so —-? —-can I say dumb?

    Go for it. If you don’t do what you want to do NOW, WHEN will you do it? Life’s too short to worry about silly things.

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