The Road Not Travelled

I wish I had chosen a different profession all those years ago.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a journalist.  I pictured myself in some exotic land, loads of cameras around my neck and a press card in my hat, getting the scoop on some big story.  I would be like Nellie Bly, only in jeans and a tee-shirt (which is all I ever wore at the time.)

Vredefort Crater: my personal rut space.

Then somewhere along the line, I took a detour.  It was no longer enough just to report about what happened in the world around me; I wanted to understand it.  Ten years later, I had a college diploma, a B.A. and an M.A.–and a career I hated.  And stayed in it for almost 20 years.   I wasn’t in a rut; I was in a crater the size of Vredefort.

It took an emotional breakdown to get out of that world. Now that I’m out (thank the gods and goddesses),  the synapses in my anaesthetized brain are once again firing.  I no longer want to be a journalist (who the hell wants to live out of a suitcase?), but I do pine for exotic places, with a camera in hand instead of a steno pad, and a palm tree nearby.


4 thoughts on “The Road Not Travelled

  1. Wow! It must have been tough sticking it out so long. Did you not get out earlier because you couldn’t decide what else to pursue? Visions of jail or incarceration come to mind.

    Hope you start on those exotic places. Will look forward to extraordinary photos coming to your blog soon?.

    • When I started my job, I thought I would stay a few years. Then I became a boss, so I thought I would stay a few more.

      By then I was in my 40’s, and thought it was too late *headslap* to start over.

      If I had it to do over, I would have chucked that place, sold everything and travelled the world.

      Funny it brought visions of jail–that’s EXACTLY how it felt. Too bad I didn’t realize that I was my own jailer.

  2. Aww, you poor thing. 😦 Seriously, hon’..twenty years is a long time hatin’ somethin’. Believe me, I know. :/ I’ve spent my whole life having to settle ’cause of fear, insecurity, etc., etc. It’s a right bitch when in your heart you know you should be doing something else,.your soul is telling you you should BE something else. MA and BA, huh? Awesome lady, you are!..but, you could easily give all that up to follow the desires of your heart, yeah? Keep dreamin’ girl. You deserve the best. xx

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