Mr. Dumbass: Part 2

If you read my previous post, you’ll recall that I was about to embark on a war of sorts with my neighbour (affectionately known as Mr. Dumbass) and his obnoxiously loud stereo.   Just when I had my fill and was heading out the door to break said neighbour’s face,  I happened upon a police officer on my street and asked him to intervene.  He went on his way and I went back home, only to find that Mr. D. was still playing his stereo at 140dB (that’s as loud as a jet, by the way; I looked it up).  Mr. Friendly Neighbourhood Police Officer hadn’t performed his duty, and I was pissed.

So off I go again, this time determined to either kill the S.O.B (my neighbour or the cop; who ever I saw first) and get some peace and quiet.  I jumped in my car, drove around the corner (Mr. Dumbass lives on the street over; our backyards almost corner each other) and what do I see but a police cruiser stopped by the side of the street,  its occupant leaning into the passenger side having a friendly confab with a passerby on the sidewalk.  Why, it’s Mr. Friendly Neighbourhood Police Officer!  I drive by Mr. FNPO and try to get his attention.  I fail.  (Fine, I tell myself.  If I kill Mr. Dumbass it’ll be on your head.)

I pulled up in Dumbass’ driveway and knocked on the door.  And rung the bell.  And knocked on the door again.  Mr. Dumbass Junior answered, and we have a brief chat. I never did get to kill maim beat the living shit out of see Mr. Dumbass.

I leave Junior to do the deed with his dad and jumped in my car again, this time pulling into a driveway just a few feet away from Mr. Friendly’s cruiser.  I waited on the sidewalk until the confab is over, and then popped my head in the passenger side window.  Me again, I say.  I informed Mr. FNPO of my visit to Mr. Dumbass and my confab with Dumbass Junior.  I don’t think he gave a shit, although he was very polite. Then I went home. To my great relief, it was quiet.  Junior came through for me. Yay Junior.

An oh–I received a refund from that website I mentioned earlier. Yay website.

Here are some beachy photos†,  just to celebrate my victory over noise pollution and useless apps:

Sailboats on Lake Huron, 2011

A little visitor while sitting on the beach.

Bora Bora

Buddy and his toy.

† all photos are mine except for Bora Bora, but I will take credit for sprucing it up a little.


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