Cuenca is Number 1

Affordable luxury in Ecuador.

At first, this excited me.  Maybe it’s because Cuenca, Ecuador has been rated the Number 1 retirement spot by International Living.  Or maybe it’s because the thought of a 3200 square foot, 4-bedroom, 5-bath+ maids quarters for $178,000 is magnifico.  Not that I’d want a spread that large, but if something that size is that cheap, then what would I pay for a much smaller slice of heaven?

Not a whole lot, according to the many sites I’ve visited.  For example, below is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in a modern building that sold for $30,000.   There are countless examples of beautiful properties in Equador costing a fraction of what a similar property would sell for in Canada.

A One-bedroom, one-bath apartment for $30,000

So what’s life like in Cuenca, Ecuador?  According to many expats who retired there, it’s a breeze.  Health care is good and inexpensive.  Food is fresh and affordable.  The American dollar is the official currency.  The locals are down-to-earth,  friendly and helpful.

The downside: as far as I can tell,  Ecuador doesn’t have a retirement incentives program, like Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico.  I like the idea of retiring somewhere and getting money off goods and services just for living there.  I wonder if Ecuador will be following suit.


2 thoughts on “Cuenca is Number 1

  1. Thanks!

    For me, it’s a bit of a necessity. I need to find somewhere that won’t be as costly as North America, to stretch my retirement dollars. My plan is that by the time I’m 60, I’ll be set to go….somewhere. 🙂

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