Located in the tropical jungle of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Refuge in Costa Rica, the Almonds and Corals Lodge is comprised of 24 palm-roofed huts, or pavilions, elevated on stilts and dreamily decorated in the soft tones of the surrounding canopy. I don’t know whether I’d feel like Tarzan or Hemingway; I certainly would feel like I was on safari.

Night views of the pavilions.

Room 7. Romantic and Exotic.

I would never want to get out of bed.

Exotic Dining in the Main Dining Hall.

A single room is $235.00 per night; double occupancy is $300.00. This price includes breakfast and dinner.  Each room has an rain shower, inside and out, and biodegradable soap.   If you want a Jacuzzi in your room, add another $100 per night.

A couple of downsides:  it’s HUMID,  so much so that it affects the electricity.  I can do without a lot of things, but air conditioning (especially in high humidity) isn’t one of them.  There’s a gazillion mosquitos, so you have to keep your hut hermetically sealed if you don’t want that annoying ZZZ in your ear all night. The management also advises you to regularly check your luggage and bed for “insects”. Insects? Apparently scorpions aren’t typical but you could find one.

The Jungle Spa

The water may look a little brown, management explains, but just wait and it’ll turn clear.  It’s the natural mineral content.  It’s recommended that you don’t drink the tap water, although it’s perfectly safe to bath in.  The management is more than happy to assist you in removing any “small animals” that sneak into your room.  The didn’t specify what type of animal.  I’m hoping it’s a cute monkey.

Outside view of pavilions.

The beach does have riptides, and the management explains that you must observe the water before going in.  They also tell you what to look for:  the waves should be parallel with no brown colour.  (I think I’d tie myself with a long rope to a palm tree before taking a dip, just in case.)

I guess I’m not much of an adventurer.  I love the look of the lodge (especially the huts) but the humidity, bugs, and killer riptides?  I don’t know which of the three are worse.  Hell, I don’t even go camping.


4 thoughts on “Tarzanland

  1. All that glitters is indeed not gold.

    Looks like paradise. Such lush plants and exotic beds. I agree with you. I don’t even go camping either. Why pay all that money and be miserable. Nice to dream though.

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