Open Doors

I realized something when I read my last post:  I didn’t explain why one door was closing on my tropical retirement idea.

As you’ve read, I’m a proud Canadian, and I want to live in a country that has, at the very minimum, similar values to my own.  Although Belize has an attractive retirement incentives program, and although I should meet its qualifications, it doesn’t meet mine.

One way to measure how free a country is is to determine if it protects the rights and freedoms of its marginalized members.  Belize does not.  Among other things, it is a strongly homophobic country; gay persons aren’t even allowed to cross its borders. I am not a gay person, but nor am I a black person (or a _____ person; fill in the blanks, it really doesn’t matter); as Martin Luther King said, “discrimination somewhere is discrimination everywhere.”  It’s an assault to us all.

I am a strong supporter of human rights, of which LGBT rights is part.  How a country could summarily reject a class of persons outright (and get away with it) is beyond my comprehension.

When I was a child growing up in Windsor, Ontario, my grandmother, a devout Catholic, had a favourite saying: we are all god’s children. We had a aunt who lived in Detroit, a stone’s throw away.  During the race riots of 1967, my aunt blamed “the niggers” for all the trouble.  My aunt, born in Hungary and raised in a nazified country, wasn’t being cruel; she was just horribly ignorant. My grandmother’s admonishments stopped her in her tracks (at least for awhile), because she saw herself as a good Christian.  Funny how “good Christians” espouse views antithetical to the religion they hold dear.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Just had to get that off my chest.


The late Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrat Party, in Toronto's Gay Pride Parade.


2 thoughts on “Open Doors

  1. thank you:)

    Have you ever thought about spending a chunk of time out of Canada? I’ve come across a number of blogs here by younger expats (younger than me, anyway), but I haven’t come across anyone in their 50’s+.

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