Stop It.

WordPress, just stop it. Your new editor sucks. Have you not heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Just because you were bored during the Co-vid shutdown doesn’t justify screwing up the old editor which, by the way, was entirely user-friendly, didn’t require searching for basic functions, or make me want to kill you.

By the way, I’m a quick study. I’m good at I.T. and adapt quickly to change. But really, I’ve had it. Can’t you just leave your editor alone for once? If you’re bored, play games on your computer (I like solitare, although I miss Angry Birds) or set up a little basket ball net in your office and pelt rolled-up paper at it (I’ve never done that myself but saw it on T.V once and it looked fun.)

Sigh. I guess I’ll get used to it. But it doesn’t mean I’ll like it.

Phase Two and Counting

With Co-vid on the decline across the country, Canada has been slowly opening its shutters to itself and parts of the world (except to the US, where Co-vid 19 numbers continue to soar, thanks to the orange genius and his republican ilk. Except for essential services, the borders to the US remain closed–something Canadians hope will continue at least until a new president gets elected.) We have been enjoying “phase 2”–the opening of malls, services, hair salons, restaurants (for outdoor eating) and yay–BEACHES!

Port Stanley is fairly close to London and a friend and I have been making the trek out there for the past week or so (the pool in our complex is slated to open in a few weeks, but with so many restrictions on its access it might as well stay closed.)  Below is a video of our Saturday at the beach, taken from our walk down the pier.  Happy Summer–finally!

Are We There Yet?

When I was little, my parents occasionally took the family for a trip to see relatives, who lived about 4 hours away. I was good for about an hour of the trip, after which time I pestered them endlessly about when we would arrive. Flash foward several decades and a pandemic later, and I find myself once again inpatiently asking if we’re there yet.

According to just about everyone, the pandemic has yet to peak in North America.  Canadians have the dubious honour of sharing the longest undefended border with a country which now has the most cases of Co-Vid 19, and whose leader is a moron who makes his highly respected medical expert do face-palms at press conferences.  And, if that’s not bad enough, we are seeing snowbirds (Canadians who go south in the winter) return en masse, possibly bringing co-vid 19 with them.

The first casualty in the co-vid 19 pandemic was toilet paper, followed by paper towels, followed by hand sanitizer, followed by flour, followed by pasta, and most recently, frozen veggies.  (Those with freezers emptied out the meat counter, so I assume that we won’t see them again for some time, unless they need more t.p. )  As someone educated in psychology and whose career was in the field for some 20 years, I find human behaviour fascinating, particularly when the instinct for survival kicks in.  And God knows we need an abundance of toilet paper to survive–apparently more than we need food. (Personally, I like using wet wipes; they’re cleaner, and while everyone was running around looking for t.p. I stealthily stocked up on Pampers wet wipes, my favourite.)

Right now I have a freezer full of food, a pantry full of canned good and pasta, a nice stockpile of wet wipes, and enough wine, beer, and “99” (Canadian Irish cream; it’s delish) to last me at least a month (well, maybe not the booze; I might need to restock that sooner.)

In the meantime, stay safe everyone.  And may your dreams (and supermarkets) be filled with toilet paper.









Happy Holidays

It’s been awhile.

One day I’m lamenting the end of summer, and the next I’m drinking egg nog and decorating for Christmas. Where does the time go.

It’s been busy around the complex.  In November, we lost most of our hot water, then lost heat, then a continuation of tepid water–and throughout it all I was on management’s tail to fix it.  After a month I got fed up and asked for a meeting with the Property Manager and Regional Manager.  Long story short, they figured out what caused the hot water shortage, fixed it, figured out what caused the loss of heat, fixed it, and promised to improve their communication system (but I won’t hold my breath; we don’t have a building superintendent, per se, who usually runs point on that kind of thing.)

In any event, I am now enjoying hot showers and have put my space heater away.

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very happy holiday and all the best in 2020.


Til Next Year

A friend and I decided to take a trip to Port Stanley today, the last day of summer, to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf one more time. It was gloriously warm and the water was inviting. We had a bite at GT’s On The Beach before taking one last walk around the pier and heading back to London.  It always makes me feel kind of melancholy to see the summer end.

Bye Summer, until next year.


Port Stanley sunset.