Drive At Your Own Risk

The 401 is a major highway in Ontario, Canada, starting in the city of Windsor and stretching east to Quebec.  The Toronto leg, about mid-way going east, is considered the busiest in the world, and one that I’ve driven on more than one occasion grim-faced and white-knuckled.  Fortunately for me, most of my highway driving takes me in the other direction, toward Windsor, which over the years is proving to be as crazily treacherous as its eastern counterpart. Windsor is home to one of the busiest borders in the world, with about 1 billion in trade crossing back and forth between Windsor and Detroit, Michigan. There are over 30,000 trucks crossing that border daily, and they all take the 401 to get there.   Not surprisingly, there are horrific accidents which occur on the 401. Every summer, while I commute back and forth between London and Windsor to visit family, I’m tempted to kiss the ground every time I arrive at either end safely.

I’m not going to post photos of these accidents because they involve fatalities (and besides, I’m superstitious); instead, I thought I’d provide you with some rather amusing traffic misadventures which are real head-scratchers.


I couldn’t even guess as to how a car ended up on a roof.



Not a towing company I’d recommend.



Wow.  Just…wow.



I’m starting to think that getting a tow is a really bad idea.



The driver wanted his roof safely removed from his vehicle.  Who am I to judge.



This is how NOT to do a three-point turn.



When a cobble road masquerades as quicksand.



Again with the roof. Note to car:  You cannot fly.

Summer Fun


It’s been incredibly hot and humid in Southwestern Ontario, and anyone within driving distance has camped out near the closest watering hole.  Fortunately for us, we have the Great Lakes at our doorstep–or, alternatively, a lovely outdoor swimming pool. Exhibit A:  me, second from left in my new flowered bathing suit, soaking up the rays beside the pool with my new peeps.

The lifeguards are pretty strict when it comes to enforcing pool rules.  This means no food and no spirits allowed. (Guess that swim-up bar is out of the question.)  However, the venturesome (and sneaky) among us have managed to smuggle in what we lovingly refer to as, using air quotes, “WATER”–plain old tap water infused with wine.  No wonder we’re hitting up the lifeguard to take our picture.:)

Happy Canada Day

We think it’s pretty too.:)


An inukshuk in Nunavut



Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies


Bay of Fundy2

Bay of Fundy


Bruce Peninsula 039

Flowerpot Island


Bruce Peninsula 072

Kayaking on the Bruce Peninsula



The Prairies



Iceberg Alley, Newfoundland


Moose, Mounties & Muskeg - Images of Canada

The Mounties


Niagara Falls by luxuryplaces (3)

Niagara Falls



Via Rail



Cottage, 1000 Islands



Toronto and the CN Tower



Lake Louise and the Fairmont Hotel